LoadingLife is a smart Medical Ecosystem that stores all the information in your smartphone.

Our goal is to provide the users with the opportunity to monitor their health without leaving home.

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Decentralized database

Single, decentralized patient database.

Accurate summary

Accurate statistics of patients with oncology, HIV, AIDS, new viruses such as COVID-19.

Health tracking

Tracking patient health at home with patient mapping.

Current health problems:

- Currently, electronic medical records are stored in centralized databases, in which medical data remains largely non-portable. Centralization increases security risks and requires trust in one governing body. In addition, centralized databases cannot provide data security and integrity.
- - Separated and isolated patient records that lead to problems with access to information.
- Inaccurate morbidity statistics, as practice has shown us on the example of COVID-19.
- Inaccurate patient history: nutrition, mobility, lifestyle, etc.

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Token Sale

⚫️Total Supply of Tokens: 300,000,000 Life
🟢 Trading: 20,000,000 LIFE
🔵 Airdrop: 100,000,000 LIFE
🔴 Development Team: 80,000,000 LIFE
🟣 Staking pool: 100,000,000 LIFE
⚪️Starting Price: 0.000001 BTC

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11-12 2019

Choosing an ERC20 core for developing a decentralized health record system.

01 2020

Expansion of the team with a dietitian, general practitioner.

02-03 2020

Testing blockchain system of the patients’ medical records.

04-06 2020

Application development for ios and android.

07 2020

Start of token sale and distribution.

08-09 2020

Beta release for all token holders and full system testing.

10-12 2020

The official release for all users.


Our LoadingLife application will be available 35-40 days after the start of token sales on iOS and Android.

  • Sync with Apple Watch or Xiaomi Mi Band 4t
  • Crypto wallet with our tokens
  • View Patient Card
  • Chat and Support Forum
  • Order vitamins / nutritional products for our tokens
  • Free diet, activity, and sleep recommendations
  • Safe chat with medical staff


Justin Harrison

CEO & Lead Blockchain

Travis Jones

CTO & Senior Developer

David White

Blockchain App Developer

Melinda Davis

Community Management

How it works?

  • Connect your Apple Watch or Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelet to your smartphone.

  • Your smartphone gathers a history of your condition based on weight, weight mobility, sleep, pressure.

  • The application analyzes your health card and medical history, offering a nutrition plan, regimen, supplements.

  • The application enters and updates medical history reports and updates recommendations for doctor visits.


1 How will history data be collected?

Using Apple Watch or Xiaomi Mi Band 4 bracelets.

2 When will the application be available?

35-40 days after the start of token sales.

3 Will hospitals and health specialists use LoadingLife?

Yes, because it’s distributed to them for free.

4 Is it free?

You will receive access to the application and medical records for free.

5 Can everyone have access to my patient card?

No, the medical history and patient records are provided only after your confirmation.